Welcome to Chocolate World

1% Inspiration – 99% Perspiration.

Madan Patil, an agriculturist geographer who frequents tropical rainforests of south-east Asia to track down sources of hard-to-get herbs/medicinal plants for his health-foods retail chain ‘ Super-foods’ became obsessed with organic cacao when he came across wild cacao pods in the hitherto unexplored jungles of Great Nicobar islands; an enchanting experience that made up his mind to become a chocolatier par excellence; resulting in the offering of limited edition ‘Chocolate World’ fine chocolate products. Now, he makes his own chocolate in five purpose built beans-to-bar factories in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Incidentally, Chocolate World is the first company in Asia region which has started to market chocolate products from named regions and beans variety, including a 70% bar, making it the first manufacturer who sources its beans directly from the plantations to declare a cocoa solids percentage.